• Map production runs of 200-20,000 copies
  • Folding up to 40,000 maps per day
  • We can acquire authorship rights for you for the official maps that meet your requirements
    • Folding maps into 12 sections
    • An option of inserting the map inside a folder
    • We print maps up to 700 x 1 000 mm in size, so be careful using such a map in a small car – it can cover your entire windscreen

    Another of the DRUKA printing house's unique features is its capacity to print maps in formats of up to 700 x 1,000 mm, including various folding solutions, for a competitive price.

    Maps have a number of different applications: they are used at schools, tourism centres, for travels, navigation, aviation, etc. If you print your maps at the DRUKA printing house, you can acquire authorship rights for the official maps that meet your requirements.

    • We recommend 100-115 g/m2 paper resistant to creases and wear
    • Folding into 12 sections, e.g. a 70 x 100 cm map may be folded into a 16.5 x 35 cm product
    • We offer map holders
    • Map laminating in glossy or matte film
    • Map can be inserted into a folder