1. Creative and innovative design ideas
  2. Flexible and fast last minute changes
  3. Exclusive solutions while adapting standard layout design applications
  1. Significantly shorter production times
  2. Quantities from one product
  3. Product storage, delivery to specified addresses worldwide

Customized packaging - an excellent way to distinguish your product from competitors' items and enhance the brand image. Product packaging can help attract consumer attention, evoke emotions, and encourage purchases.

We will produce paper packaging according to your existing layouts or assist in creating a new packaging design that reflects your products and needs.

What Kind of Packaging We Produce

We offer the possibility to customize packaging according to your needs and requirements - to adjust the size, shape, design of the packaging.

We produce paper packaging for various purposes with or without print:

  • Boxes and other packaging for corporate gifts and luxury items (jewelry, accessories, etc.);
  • Primary and secondary paper packaging for non-food items (boxes for candles, home fragrances, cosmetics, crafts, toys, clothing, etc.);
  • Secondary packaging for food products (sweets, chocolate, confectionery, and other products);
  • Packaging (boxes) for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

We offer various types of packaging / boxes:

  • Base and lid boxes;
  • Tuck-end closing boxes;
  • Tray and sleeve boxes;
  • Packaging sleeves;
  • Pillow boxes, etc.

Materials Used

For the production of packaging, we use single-sided and double-sided coated cardboard, decorative cardboard, recycled cardboard, and kraft cardboard.
Depending on the product you want to pack, we will offer you a packaging design solution and select the most suitable paper.


Value-adding solutions

For large print runs, we use offset printing, known for its high-quality print. For smaller print runs (up to 200 units), we employ digital printing, enabling quick production with lower costs (suitable for personalized items and addressing).
To create unique and memorable packaging, we offer a variety of additional finishing solutions: foiling, UV varnishing, 3D UV varnish, laser-cut decoration


Assured Quality

We use high-quality materials, innovative technologies, and a rigorous control process to ensure the highest packaging quality standards. Our packaging is strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

As a socially responsible company, we are always looking for solutions that not only provide more opportunities for our customers but also contribute to environmental protection.
In packaging production, we use recycled materials and innovative technologies to minimize environmental impact. We use FSC® certified paper and cardboard, sourced from responsibly managed forests.
We produce packaging that is easily recyclable or compostable.

Packaging Production Prices

The price of packaging depends on the chosen size, construction, materials, and technologies. We will provide you with a personalized offer that meets your needs.

Production Timelines

We strive to be a reliable partner capable of fulfilling orders on time and efficiently, as well as quickly responding to and meeting customer needs. Typically, we produce packaging within 1-2 weeks.

Packaging Design and Construction Selection

We offer a full range of packaging design services.

We will propose packaging construction and create a packaging design that will attract attention and make your products stand out.

Packaging Production – From Idea to Delivery

We will take care of all stages of paper packaging production:

1. Construction Selection
We will provide friendly consultations and suggest the best packaging construction to meet your specific needs.

2. Layout Preparation
We will adapt your existing packaging layout to the selected construction. We can also offer packaging design solutions tailored to your needs and preferences.

3. Prototype Production
Before producing a new batch of packaging, we can create a single prototype that allows you to visualize the final product (especially relevant for complex packaging constructions).

4. Printing
We will choose between digital or offset printing depending on the print run size.

5. Post-Press
Based on your needs, we'll apply various finishing technologies: foiling, UV varnishing, dispersive varnish, laminating, laser cutting, and more.

6. Package Assembly
We usually provide the finished packaging unassembled. We offer assembly consultations (if needed).

Upon request, we can assemble the packaging and package the final product (especially relevant for complex constructions).

7. Packaging and Delivery
We will securely package your finished product. Plus, we can offer convenient storage and worldwide delivery, whole or in parts, to one or more addresses. This means you don't have to worry about a thing – we will handle everything from packaging to delivery.

Design and Order Your Packaging Online

Our innovative approach to packaging production allows us to offer unique packaging solutions to our clients.

Learn more about our capabilities at www.creativpackaging.com. 


We are ready to create custom packaging tailored to your needs. Get a free consultation!

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