• Book printing runs of 200-50,000 copies
  • We have also set the record of the smallest Lithuanian book printed as registered with Factum agency. It was a poem "Pojūtis" by poet and painter Vytautas Kusas. All in all, it was 8 x 9 mm, 3 mm thick and had 56 pages.
  • Exclusively designed Gytis Skudžinskas' "Albumas" was nominated in the author's book category in Arles (France)
  • The heaviest book printed by DRUKA weighed 3.25 kg
  • We are very proud of Leonidas Donskis' book "99 Baltic Stories", which is also popular abroad. The book was published in Italian by Joker, an Italian publishing house.
  • The first book published by DRUKA and registered with the ISBN agency was "Jonavos kraštas" (1996).

DRUKA prints books according to the print layouts provided by our clients or we can offer our own publishing services. We carry out offset sheet-fed book printing.

Our extensive industry experience allows us to advise our clients on matters pertaining to book publishing and printing. We also publish photo albums, fictional and informational books and other representative publications.

We can offer softcover or hardcover book options.

Softcover books:

  • One of DRUKA's distinguishing features is its application of high-quality page binding technology that uses PUR adhesive (polyurethane adhesives provide a much stronger bond than ordinary glue)
  • Book production runs of 200-50,000 copies
  • Book printing and binding in formats from 105 x 145 mm to 297 x 297 mm
  • Book volume of 48-1,000 pages (respectively, the thickness of the back cover is 3-50 mm)
  • For interior production, we normally use glossy or matte 100-150 g/m2 coated paper, uncoated 70-100 g/m2 offset paper or dense book paper
  • For covers, we recommend 250-300 g/m2 coated paper or 230-280 g/m2 cardboard
  • If the paper is ≥115 g/m2, the inner pages may be coated with dispersion varnish, which adds solidness to the product, makes it resistant to wear and considerably reduces production time
  • We offer covers with one or two flaps
  • If the product is intended for intensive use, we recommend using thread sewn binding

Hardcover books:

  • Thick cardboard is used for book covers, which can be covered with paper, leather, leather substitute or canvas. This gives the book a solid structure and longevity.
  • Hardcovers are more commonly used for representative publications such as textbooks, encyclopedias, research papers, poetry books, biographies, etc.

Some added value may be created by using the following post-press technologies:

  • Laminating covers in glossy or matte film, full or partial UV varnishing with inscriptions in paper – embossing (relief printing); cover die cutting; foil stamping, dust jacket
  • A paper bookmark serves as an additional advertising tool used by your clients for a long time
  • The books may be wrapped, individually or in bunches, in thermal film which provides additional product protection

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