Druka Forest

The forest of DRUKA printing house

To celebrate DRUKA's 23rd birthday, we were eager to do something worthwhile and beautiful. We decided to contribute to reforestation. A 2 ha area of forest will be replanted in Neringa in March and April 2016. This is DRUKA's essential commitment to the environment.

Druka-miškas              Druka-miskas-smiltyne

Everyone can plant a tree, but it is so much fun to do it with a group of like-minded friends. Eco-culture and the good citizenship of all our employees, as well as the will to protect and maintain the forest, encourages us to undertake such meaningful actions. By replanting trees we contribute to nature preservation and environmental protection.

We did it...

In April, 2016, printing house DRUKA kept its promise to itself and the partners – replanted part of scorched forest of Neringa. This is the celebration not just for us, but to all of whom the welfare and the beauty of nature are important. That day more than 1500 mountain pines were replanted. With the help of our employees and partners we were able to accomplish a huge work – part of the forest is growing back up. We are pleased to share this great news, since nature is all of ours. 

Mission continues...

In March, 2017, once again we replanted part of the forest of Neringa, thus continuing our commitment to nature and the environment. 

Join us too

We believe that planting trees may result not only in uniting the team, but may also become the beginning of a new partnership. Become our partner and let us plant a tree together! Such a partnership may lay foundations for successful cooperation in the future.