Submitting files for printing

Guidelines for submitting files for printing

We are seeking to fulfill your expectations, so we kindly ask to closely adhere to these guidelines. 

The files must be submitted:

  • In PDF format.

Guidelines for preparation of PDF files:

  • PDF files must be submitted in 1.6 or lower version.
  • There must be no limitations or restrictions to using PDF files for printing, review and editing purposes.
  • PDF files must be composite.
  • It is recommended to submit the content pages in a single file. If there are blank pages it must be inserted into the layout as well.
  • All pages in the file must be one size. Do not use spreads.
  • All pages must be centered.
  • The layout scale must be 1:1.
  • The format of the layout consists of final product trimbox and bleed. It is recommended to leave at least 3 mm bleeds around the perimeter.
  • The crops are not necessary, but if you decide to put them, please leave at least 3 mm space around the trimbox.
  • Important information must be separated from trimbox by at least 3 mm. In the second and third pages of perfect bound publications covers (brochures, etc.) and in the first and last pages of the inner block, important information must be separated from inside by at least 8 mm.
  • The layout of perfect bound cover and hard book cover must be submitted as an involute in a separate file (back cover page + spine + front cover page).
  • The resolution of raster objects (CMYK, Grayscale) must be approximately 300 dpi, bitmap – approximately 1 200 dpi.
  • All fonts must be embedded into PDF file or turned into outlines prior to converting files into PDF.
  • The minimum recommended font size is 5 pt.
  • CMYK and Grayscale color models are to be used in the layouts, if additional colors are needed – Pantone colors model (colors are chosen from specialized Pantone colors catalogs by specifying color codes). Other colors that are not suitable for printing (RGB, etc.) will be automatically converted to CMYK color model. The result may not meet the expectations.
  • The minimum value of one CMYK channel must be 3 percent if gradient is to be used, otherwise color jump is possible.
  • Black color (K100) is printed automatically with Black overprint function turned on (background behind black colored objects and text in other composite colors is not cut), therefore black colored text (up to 24 pt) and lines (up to 3 pt) must be colored in a single (K100) color. Bigger sized black objects and text are colored by mixing additional composite colors (for example, C50 M40 Y40 K100), but must not exceed overall paint amount limit for particular paper (according to paper manufacturer’s recommendations).
  • Spot UV varnish forms, foil stamping and die-cutting layouts are to be submitted in separate vectorial files in PDF format. They must coincide with the publication layout format.