Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

UAB “Druka”, legal entity code 140571036, registered office address: Mainų g. 5-3, LT-94101, Klaipėda, Lithuania (hereinafter – “Company“ or “Us”) is committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information of visitors (hereinafter referred to as “Visitors” or “You”) to the website (hereinafter – “Website”).

When you visit the Website, we and our authorized service providers use various technologies to save data in order to make the Website work better and to offer you more relevant information. This Cookie Policy explains what technologies we use and how they work.

We use cookies on the Website, which help us to ensure that the Website works smoothly and safely, and to understand how you use the Website so that we can improve it and adapt it to your needs.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the browser saves on your computer, phone, tablet or other device in order to save information about your browsing.

Purposes of using cookies

We aim to use cookies to:

  • ensure safe and efficient operation of the Website;
  • improve the operation and functionality of the Website;
  • measure information and data flows sent to the Website;
  • analyze the habits of the Visitors, ensure convenient, efficient browsing that meets the needs of the Visitors;
  • display appropriate information to returning Website Visitors;
  • display relevant advertising on and off the Website by using targeted advertising and marketing.

Cookies used on the Website

The following cookies and technologies are used on the Website. Each of them has a specific function.

  • Necessary (technical) cookies
    These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website. They enable the use of certain features of the Website, for example, they allow the storage of information that the Visitor has filled in during the browsing session. Without these cookies, the Website may not function properly in many cases.

  • Analytical cookies
    Analytical cookies are used to analyze the performance and usage of the Website. They allow us to understand how Visitors interact with the Website by providing information on indicators such as the number of Visitors, frequency of visits, devices used, source of traffic, etc. Analytical cookies help us to improve the operation of the Website and to register malfunctions occurring on the Website. These cookies include those set by social media platforms and Google and other services installed on the Website. For example, Google Analytics and Statcounter are used to obtain statistical data about the use of the Website.

  • Performance cookies
    Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze key performance indicators of the Website, which helps improve the user experience for Visitors.

  • Marketing or advertising cookies
    These cookies are used so that we can provide you with more relevant advertising and measure the effectiveness of advertising. With their help, we can monitor your browsing history, interaction with advertising and present you with advertising that is related to your interests.

Below are the cookies used on the Website according to their types, purpose and duration.

Cookies Type Purpose Storage Duration
sesID Necessary To maintain a Visitor session. Until the browser is closed
_ga, _ga_*, _gid, is_unique, sc_is_visitor_unique Analytical Cookies are used to collect statistical information about Website traffic. Up to 1 year and 1 month
_fbp Advertising Facebook sets this cookie to display ads when you are on Facebook or another digital platform that is subject to Facebook advertising. 3 months
_gat Performance The cookie helps to ensure that the Website is convenient and efficient to use. 1 minute
sc_medium_source Analytical The cookie is used to track which websites the Website Visitors came from. Until the browser is closed

Refusal or blocking of cookies

Most browsers automatically accept cookies. If you want to block or delete them, you can do so in your browser settings. However, please note that if necessary and analytical cookies are rejected, the Website may not function smoothly.

General provisions

This Cookie Policy may be updated. The Company will inform the Visitors about the updates by providing a new version of the Cookie Policy on the Website.
This version of Cookie Policy is valid from 04.12.2023.